Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Attic Mold on the Sheathing in Old Bridge, NJ

An indoor environmental professional called SERVPRO of Freehold to provide an estimate for a customer who was concerned following a home inspection that there was mold on their roof sheathing. We were able to provide an estimate to the customer who negotiated the cost with the seller. As part of the closing they escrowed money so that the work could be completed. The closing happened as planned and we completed the job in 1 day.

Mold behind wallpaper

Mold Growth Behind Wall Paper

This is the result of too much moisture in your bathroom without proper ventilation. The customer complained of a foul odor in the bathroom but said they could not see anything wrong. When SERVPRO of Freehold peeled the paper back we could see the mold growing on the walls of this home.